Life’s been good.

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Life has actually been really good lately – good, and busy. When things are good, I have less to complain about…and sadly, sometimes less to blog about. On top of that though, I have been VERY busy. Hubby and I have been working continually on the new house, we went on vacation, had Thanksgiving, and now we are focusing on baby stuff, as well as continuing to work on the house. Work has been very busy lately too, which is good for this time of year.

So, what’s new? We found out that we are having a girl! Hubby is still getting used to the idea of a daughter, but he is coming around. I am thrilled! I can’t wait to start shopping! I need to focus on Christmas first though – Christmas on a new home-owner’s budget. It will be fun though!

And, back to the topic of work, I caught wind of the news that they are most likely going to approve my maternity leave request – and I asked for the max! I was assuming that there would be negotiations, so I figured I might as well ask for it all. I didn’t really expect to get it! Whether or not I actually come back after the baby…I haven’t decided for sure yet…the important thing is that I get 4 weeks off before my due date. I cannot wait! Only 4 1/2 more months until maternity leave begins!

So yes, life has been good. I’ll try not to neglect you so much in the future. I’m sure life will slow down somewhat after the holidays!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and here’s wishes for a very merry Christmas!!!


~ by beyondalice on December 1, 2009.

One Response to “Life’s been good.”

  1. Yay! Hopefully you have smooth sailing through the holidays!

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