Best September ever.

Life has been coming at me so fast lately, I haven’t had any time to blog. Or to hardly even think. All I seem to want to do lately is nap, and I don’t even have time for that.

September has been such an incredibly exciting month. First, I find out I’m pregnant. STILL so excited.

Then last week on hubby’s birthday, we found out we had our offer accepted on a house! We are in escrow again. (Funny how it’s not so exciting the third time around. I mean, the timing is perfect, and the house is great, but there is no emotional attachment. Which is good. But I really do think that it will work out this time.) The house is completely remodeled – we don’t have to do ANYTHING to it other than landscape the backyard, which doesn’t need to be a priority. Our inspection went really well – the best house we’ve tried to buy yet. Only minor things that need fixing, and they are all things that can be done whenever we get around to them. Now the next big step is the appraisal. I’m hoping and praying that it appraises for the value of our loan, but I’m not too worried about this one. I’m pretty sure the house is actually worth what we’re paying. No sketchy stuff going on this time!

The third major thing to happen this month is that I’m getting a new job. OMG. I am so excited. Hubby and I were discussing what the hell we were going to do after baby comes, since I absolutely flat-out refused *kicking and screaming on the floor* (okay, maybe not, but I may as well have) to come back to this hell hole. No way was I going to work 45+ hours a week for a puny salary just to throw it all away on daycare – especially when all I really wanted to do was spend time with my baby. So anyway. We agreed that I would not have to come back here, but he was totally stressing about how to deal without my extra income. I casually mentioned that maybe I could do photo retouch from home. Well, the next day, out of the blue, a photo retouch job fell in our laps. I will be starting in January, which means *ding ding ding* I get to quit my job BEFORE the baby comes!!!! I still haven’t told my boss about the baby yet, and definitely not that I’m leaving. I don’t want to tell them ANYTHING until we close escrow and everything is finalized with the house. Then I’ll let them know all the good news. I am really nervous to tell them, but I am OH so excited. I wish it was January already.

Aside from all that, life has been crazy. Work has been insanely busy, and at home, when I’m not napping, I’ve been researching insurance like crazy. It looks like we may get lucky after all and I can go back to my old healthcare provider once I leave my insurance plan at my current job. My first appointment and ultrasound are on Monday and I can hardly wait. The future is so exciting, I can’t wait for it to get here!

Anyway, I know this post is totally scattered and rambling, but I want to get it out while I have a minute before getting bombarded with work again. Sorry for my absence lately – I’ll try to pop in more often when I can!


~ by beyondalice on September 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Best September ever.”

  1. That is all so wonderful and exciting!!! So happy for you.

  2. I’d call that one damn fine month! Congrats on it all!

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