I just dropped hubby off at the airport for a week long vacation with his family. He’s only been gone a couple of hours, and I’m already missing him.

I know I’ll have fun with my girl friends, and enjoy some much-needed time alone, but every time he leaves, I always get this empty, sad feeling, like part of me is missing.

Is that sappy or what?!?



~ by beyondalice on August 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Hole-hearted”

  1. Not sappy at all. Katie and I are the same way.

  2. Heck No! I think it’s sweet. Plus I don’t know how anyone could feel anything less when your best friend is gone for a week.

  3. I agree, not sappy at all. I miss my hubby when he is gone for even one night.

  4. My husband travels every few weeks now and even if we have fought I cry every time he leaves! It’s a great feeling really! Especially with so many marriages unhappy.

  5. I do consider us lucky – I am so happy with him, and I am glad I waited for him! We are very fortunate to have each other. 🙂

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