Unexpected optimism.

I just have this uncontainable excitement right now. Which is a little odd, considering that I have been in such a funk for the past two days. Seriously, I have been crying over every little thing, exhausted beyond belief, and just over all feeling like crap. But this morning? TOTALLY different. I am ecstatic – thrilled to find out what is going to happen.

For one, I really really feel like I might be pregnant, and I hate that I feel so strongly this way. You see, I am usually a very pessimistic person. The way I see it, I would rather expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised than to expect the best and be disappointed. But for some reason, this time around, I can’t hold back my optimism. My symptoms aren’t enough to confirm a pregnancy of course, but the ones I do have are definitely in the right time line. All I can do is wait until early next week and see what the outcome is!

Secondly, after a week or more of seeing NO decent houses on the market, three excellent possibilities just hit the listings last night! We are going out to look at them all after work today. I would be thrilled to have any of those houses. Now, I know that just looking at them doesn’t mean we’ll get one, but it is very exciting to be back in the game.

Now I just hope that this new-found optimism pays off!

Happy Friday!!!


~ by beyondalice on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “Unexpected optimism.”

  1. Fingers crossed for you!!!!!

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