We go round and round and round…

I feel like I should feel like my heart is going through the wringer right now. But for some strange reason, I’m almost numb.

Friday night, we found out that the house appraised for $30K less than we were offering. That is huge. At that point, we were crossing our fingers with all our might. Saturday morning, we found out that the seller was NOT willing to lower his price, so they were going to have to cancel our contract. Our agent immediately scheduled a new house-shopping trip for the next day. Had this been a couple of months ago, I would have been bawling and totally heartbroken. I was strangely calm though – I guess I had been telling myself all along that this would happen – I had prepared myself for the let-down a long time ago.

Well, a couple hours later – still on Saturday morning – we found out that the seller decided to try to get a re-appraisal, and they were going to continue to work with us after all. Talk about an emotional roller-coaster, geez!!! (We found out that since the appraisal sticks with the house, they weren’t going to be able to sell it to ANY of the other bidders for any more than the low-ball appraisal. So, they decided that they might as well work with us. Gee, thanks for thinking of us.)

So, there is still a chance. We aren’t 100% sure yet if they will be able to get a re-appraisal, and if they do, who knows if it will be high enough to do us any good. But I am not really too upset at this point. Yesterday we looked at this freaking AWESOME house, and made an offer on it. I’m sure it’ll be like all the other offers, and we’ll be rejected, but hey, it’s fun to have another thing goin’ on while I try to ride out the wave on the other house. Maybe I’ll be a homeowner in a couple weeks…maybe I’ll be a renter forever. But I’m happy to be as mellow as I am about it. Bring it on.


~ by beyondalice on July 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “We go round and round and round…”

  1. You kinda have to be patient (yes, I read the post about patience not being one of your virtues) with the purchase process in homeownership. My wife and I went through our own little hell when buying the place we own now. We were looking for a couple years thinking we were never going to find something in our price range and that we’d have to move out of state to afford anything. We finally found it and we offered and we got it. But I am not looking forward to ever having to do it again although I’m sure we’re going to have to eventually.

  2. It’s always good to hear that we’re not alone in our struggle. I’m doing my best to be patient, but it sure is hard to see homes working out for everyone else so easily. I’m hanging in there though! Congrats on getting your place! 🙂

  3. […] from that, you may remember my mention of the freaking awesome house we bid on the other day. Today they are submitting all highest and best offers. There are […]

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