So life doesn’t suck quite as bad as I had thought.

I suppose I should update on the house after my rant the other day. After my total freak out moment, we looked at the email from the appraiser and realized that her requests weren’t SO majorly awful. I calmed down a bit. Downing a couple margaritas didn’t hurt, either. 😉

The next day we found out that the seller is in fact willing to take care of the necessary repairs, and has already started working on them. Our inspection is scheduled for tomorrow, so that will let all parties involved know how many other issues there are that need to be handled. Once THIS is done, the appraiser can come back and complete her inspection and let us know what the appraised value is.

From there, as long as the house appraises for a price acceptable to both us and the seller, we’ll just need to wait for the seller to complete any of the repairs still necessary for us to receive our funding. Depending on the extent of the repairs, and how long it takes them to be completed, we should still be able to close by our scheduled closing date (3 weeks…eek!). We probably won’t be able to close early like we had planned (next week – holy crap), but we shall see!

All is good in the hood again – I’ll keep updating as I find out anything else!


~ by beyondalice on July 14, 2009.

One Response to “So life doesn’t suck quite as bad as I had thought.”

  1. Wow, what the hell has happened here. It looks like sontehimg out of a film set. They obviously have not been watching Kirsty and Phil, they must have missed the episodes when they say your house needs to be neutral and appeal to all tastes!Tracey

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