Holy Crap I’m in Escrow

Yes, really, we are in escrow. And I’m so scared to tell any of my friends in fear that I’ll jinx it. I’m trying my very darndest to not be excited right now. I refuse to let myself get excited…not until it clears the VA approval, at least. I can hardly believe that we may actually be in our house in just over a month. At the same time, I’m afraid to even allow myself to imagine it, because last time my dreams were ripped out from under me in the last week of escrow. It is SO hard not to be excited about something so huge though. We are looking at the house on Sunday, after the repairs are complete. Within a week or so, the VA inspector will check the place out. So in a week and a half, maybe I can breathe a little easier. *practicing my calm breathing* But holy shit I am so excited I feel like I could pee my pants and I am about to burst and I can’t tell anyone yet. Whew.


~ by beyondalice on June 26, 2009.

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