Oh my gosh, pretty please!!!

I am so frickin’ fantabulously excited that things seem to be going okay so far with this home purchase. *knock on wood* If it actually works this time, my life might finally start going in the direction I’ve been hoping for.

As soon as our loan is approved I can start looking for a new job – a job that doesn’t pay salary and run me like a slave driver. A family-friendly job where I can actually have a baby and spend some time with my child. I have no desire to squeeze out a kid and then immediately give little Mini Me to a daycare because I have to go back to working 50 hours a week. Because my company will NOT let their employees work part time, absolutely not! That’s not the corporate policy. (Did I mention that I LOATHE the word “corporate”?) And I’m pretty sure they’d only let me take the minimum amount of maternity leave legally possible, because “We are a small company and it’s not fair to other team members when one person is gone for too long.” Not cool. I want to actually raise my child and spend time with them during their formative years. Call me paranoid, but I am so not cool with the idea of leaving my infant with someone else 50 hours a week. Forget it! I’ll be looking for a job that lets me work partially (or entirely!) from home so that I can earn money while still being with my baby. Oh yeah, and in the meantime, I am working on finally getting my own business off the ground. I cannot wait.

Oh, so excited. And once we get a house…the baby-making will begin in earnest. Bow chicka bow bow. The future is wide open….life will be grand.


~ by beyondalice on June 25, 2009.

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